OUR resumé

Since 1993 Butler & Willow has established a first-rate reputation for delivering innovative, bespoke, market-leading solutions to some of the UK’s top businesses and organisations. Some we have worked with from their early beginnings, and many continue to spend with us year on year, paying us the further compliment of referring us within their own network.

Our success has been founded upon building long-term relationships – with clients, suppliers and our own in-house team – on a bedrock of strong ethical and human values.  By keeping our promises, we promote confidence, trust and peace of mind. Not to mention the “financial prudence” of being entirely self-funding.

With a 360° service capability often referred to in the industry as ‘turnkey’, we are solidly positioned to form an integral part of any project. Thanks to our industry knowledge, extensive experience and established relationships within the trade, we can assist at any and every level. We work well as part of a project delivery team or – as on many projects – serve as a single point of contact for the entire process.

We love to work with other great businesses and, to facilitate this, maintain an infrastructure capable of comprehensively delivering commercial fit-out, refurbishment, office furniture, mezzanine floors, mobile and commercial shelving and pallet-racking schemes of all sizes.

And, crucially, we provide a powerful after-sales commitment.

Through constantly investing in our team, training syllabus and infrastructure, and driven by a continuing desire to impress, we intend to consolidate and further strengthen the reputation we have established.


Our values are essentially the old-fashioned virtues of professionalism, dependability, fairness and sincerity, together with the more contemporary concept of ‘user-friendliness’.

We value people and the human factors that are, all too often, lost in world of competitive bidding. Along with an over-arching ‘can-do, will-do’ ethos, these are all essential to the creation and longevity of the powerful loyalties we strive to build.


Our goal/aspiration/mission is to make life easier for you. To give you the peace of mind of knowing (rather than just hoping) that we will keep all our promises and deliver your project in a way that will exceed every expectation.

Our long-term aspiration is to become an indispensable part of our clients’ futures. Our tried and trusted way of achieving this is simply to make certain that every job is done properly.


A remarkable feature of Butler & Willow is our extraordinary level of workforce stability. Everyone has a role, everyone’s important, and everyone has a voice that deserves (and gets) a proper hearing.

The support and commitment of a loyal and happy workforce contributes hugely to the exceptional focus and sense of togetherness nurtured here. Being able to confidently rely upon one another to be part of a promise is key to the way we deliver.

It’s a team effort – founded on dedication, credible experience and industry recognition – that we are very proud of.

Whenever I’m asked “Why Butler & Willow… what’s your USP?”, I’m delighted to pass on frequent customer plaudits that we are reliable, refreshing and trusted. These, in turn, make us all very proud about what we do and how we do it.
Nowadays it’s taken as read that any serious player will be a safe contractor, will deliver a quality end result on time, and will keep their promises. But for us, your peace of mind throughout the process and beyond is, if anything, even more important.
James Willow – Managing Director