Clearing the air for one of the world’s leading pharmaceuticals

Astra Zeneca


Pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca wanted to extract fumes from its chemical storeroom which, although not harmful, were irritating staff. The existing air handling system was inefficient and the existing shelving system inadequate.

Our solution

Butler & Willow was invited to tender for the removal of the current shelving and the installation of a new ventilated mobile system. After contacting several UK mobile base manufacturers, we discovered that a ventilated mobile shelving system didn’t exist in the UK. This meant that we were tasked with the design of a unique ventilated shelving system that could work on mobile bases. As part of this, we installed the custom-fit shelving system, inserted the mobile floor tracks and laid down new vinyl flooring.

What we did

  • Arrow Designed and created a completely unique and custom-fit shelving system
  • Arrow The system was designed to take the air from the chemical storeroom directly into the building’s extraction system
  • Arrow We inserted the mobile base floor tracks into the concrete floor
  • Arrow Laid down new vinyl flooring

Butler & Willow fully understood our problem and their creative thinking and approach delivered a perfect solution. We believe our storage system to be completely unique and we were delighted with the finished result.

Astra Zeneca