Modernising Hire Station’s HQ with total fit-out solutions

Hire Station


Hire Station was seeking to modernise the design of its headquarters on our doorstep in Long Eaton. The tool hire shop, which is one of the largest in the UK, needed to update both the interior and exterior, creating a more practical and attractive reception area and an open workspace where staff could move freely around the offices.

Our solution

During a comprehensive consultation process we provided Hire Station with a range of custom-design options. This included 3D proposals and walk-throughs to give the team a complete ‘virtual’ appreciation of what Butler & Willow could create – one complete office area incorporating the same theme and finish throughout including refurbished areas, rearranged staff facilities, a new bespoke staircase and full fit out.

What we did

  • Arrow Refurbish the reception area, staircase and landing, the existing first-floor corridor, associated offices and the boardroom
  • Arrow Rearranged the kitchen and toilets
  • Arrow Opened-up the interior to enable staff to circulate freely in different areas and provided a new break-out zone to give them somewhere to eat away from their desks
  • Arrow Designed an aesthetically pleasing matching staircase that alleviated the problem of ‘bottlenecking’
  • Arrow The fit-out included the provision of new power-points and electrical lighting and integrated the existing air conditioning system into the design

The project started out as just a simple refurbishment of the reception. Over a three year period it extended to include the refurbishment of the 6,000ft2 first floor office and the complete redesign and development of the exterior façade.

We were faced with the usual difficulties of working within an old building and the unexpected problems they tend to throw at you. However, we were able to bring the project on time and have produced an environment that is a million years forward of the one that Hire Station originally presented us with.

James Willow of Butler & Willow