Bringing together two sites without operational disruption

Nottinghamshire County Council


Nottinghamshire County Supplies is part of Nottinghamshire County Council and serves customers in Nottinghamshire and the bordering counties, including all local government departments and other organisations in the public and voluntary sectors. When planning its move from dilapidated premises to a new 22,000ft2 facility, the organisation needed to update and improve its storage and picking facilities.

Our solution

To achieve Nottinghamshire County Council’s goals, we used pallet racking for the storage of approximately 1200 pallets, we created floor and first level for ‘picking’ pallets, with bulk storage above. We allocated space at ground level for marshalling, sorting and checking of ‘goods-in’ pallets and installed a mezzanine floor to support first-level picking areas which doubled the size of the hand-picking operation. By making the shelving bays slightly higher than originally requested, we also added an extra shelf level, which immediately increased capacity by 20%  

What we did

  • Arrow Increased shelving capacity by 20%
  • Arrow Installed a mezzanine floor – doubling the size of the hand-picked operation
  • Arrow Created floor and first level pallet racking systems
  • Arrow Allocated space for sorting and checking in goods

Our scheme – featuring pallet racking, shelving and a mezzanine floor – satisfied all the requirements laid out by the client. We installed over 500 bays of shelving which doubled the size of the existing hand picking operation and a pallet racking scheme to store over 1200 pallets.

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