Workspace Furniture

Does your working environment work for you… all of the time?

Proper consideration of ergonomics, ways of working and flexibility is often not considered enough. As we spend more time at work than at home, this environment is key to how well we work… at work!

Through clever thinking and selecting the right product for the right place, we create ‘smarter’ environments for our clients with the added bonuses of improved morale and measurable efficiencies. Not to mention unlocking many areas for far more than just one purpose!

Please scroll below and discover just a few examples of the bespoke workspace furniture solutions we have delivered for our clients nationally. We would love to be given the opportunity of enhancing yours…

What our clients say

Butler & Willow fully understood our problem and their creative thinking and approach delivered a perfect solution. We believe our storage system to be completely unique and we were delighted with the finished result.
Butler & Willow provided a thoroughly professional service which delivered our mezzanine on time and within budget, In all phases of the project, they exceeded our expectation.
We needed a true specialist to get the best out of the space. Butler & Willow worked with us to ensure that space was maximised and used to its full potential so the finished project was perfect.
We've worked with Butler & Willow on a number of projects and we're always impressed by their service and quality, as well as the vital help they give us with the design.

Our smarter features include:

  • Future-proof thinking, bred by understanding your people and processes
  • Clever, multi-function layouts that utilise available space for more than just some of the time. For example, could your break-out area double as a mini meeting area once ‘break time’ is over?
  • Attractive atmospheres that embrace the culture and promote the interactions with their workforce and clients that businesses increasingly rely upon
  • Delivering a pleasant place to work that creates strong team retention…
  • …and attracts the all-important new skills that businesses need for longevity and development.