Node 4



12 weeks

The Brief

Node 4 wanted to create an office space that complemented their employee’s lifestyles.  Space planning was crucial to create a variety of working environments, plus amenities like shower and changing space.

The Build

We designed the space to compliment the city centre building’s industrial feel – we painted concrete columns rather than boxed them in and used a variety of exposed lighting. We mixed furniture and flooring to create different areas for collaborative and private working, and used filming on the windows to maximise natural light while ensuring privacy.

The Finished Article

“Butler & Willow proved to be everything they promised throughout our new Nottingham office design and construction. Not only did they produce a quirky design concept meeting our operational requirements, they delivered it to a very high standard, notably enhancing some areas/products throughout the execution phase with no effect on cost or time. Looking forward to the next project and can’t recommend the Butler & Willow team enough!”

Luke Warren, Node 4